Friday, November 30, 2007

Fakest Before & After Advertising Ever

Seems the fountain of youth has been discovered.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Just ran to my local Best Buy (Deptford NJ) and the had about a bazillion copies. Looks like I won't be eating, sleeping, or going to work for at least a week. The fun starts now! All other stores I called said "tomorrow" so if you want it to day head to Best Buy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Remember when online shopping was cheap?

What happened to the days of online shopping being cheap? Now-a-days people seem to make more money off of shipping then the actual product. Case in point: The I Am Legend book by Richard Matheson, which is now a movie coming out December 14th with Will Smith. The trailers for this film got me so hyped up that I just had to read the book. I went to about 5 online stores, including ebay and amazon, and imagine my surprise when I found out the shipping is even more then the damn book itself! $6-$7 to ship a used book is Ludicrous. So what did I do? Headed over to my local Target where I found the re-issue of the book for $5, after a 30% sale discount.

Back in college I bought ALL my books from half.com, and I don't recall shipping being as pricey as it is now. And don't even get me started on Video Game shipping. I sell alot of games, and know for a fact a standard DVD size game and case costs no more then $3 including the packaging. Yet most ebayers want up to $10 for shipping.

I'm going back to the old fashioned way of buying things, going to the REAL stores.